Advice For People Who Don’t Love Their Jobs

By: RAWSO Constructors

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No one loves every minute of every day at their job. That’s just a fact of life. However, there are too many people in this world who hate their careers, especially considering that there are great opportunities in the construction industry for hard-working people looking for a fresh start. At RAWSO, we recognize that work isn’t always fun. At the same time, we believe that everyone deserves a job they love, with co-workers they enjoy spending time with.

There’s always a bit of a misconception in our culture about life in the construction industry. People think that you can’t make much money, or that every moment of every day is spent in the blazing sun. To be honest, many Americans have a conception that our industry is a bottom-of-the-barrel career field, which is simply not true. All you have to do is ask any RAWSO team member what they think of the construction industry, and they’ll tell you that they make good money, and are treated with respect day in and day out.

We believe that a big part of loving your career comes from your own attitude. When you’re hungry to learn, you enjoy responsibility, and you’re actively seeking advancement opportunities, the sky is the limit for you in our industry. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be active and display a willingness to learn.

Take for example RAWSO team member Kyle Hogue. Kyle went to school to be a teacher, but before he graduated from college, he realized that he didn’t want to spend his career as an educator. He ended up applying for a position with RAWSO, and we discovered that he had so much to offer our company ― he’s savvy with computers, excels at doing research, and he has a great work ethic. At the time, we were just looking for an administrative assistant, but now Kyle is an estimator who does an outstanding job for us.

Unfortunately, switching career paths isn’t an option for everyone, especially if you’re the kind of person who takes on debt in order to spend outside your means. Buying stuff like fancy cars and watches pins you down to your job. You don’t have the freedom to change careers, because you need to keep up with an unreasonably high income requirement. In the construction industry, most people start out on the ground floor, which can be tough if you have a high standard of living to maintain.

Overall, we think that the appeal of any job at RAWSO revolves around the culture we’ve developed for our people. We like to hire go-getters, who then want to find more people like themselves to work alongside them. That attitude spreads, and the culture of success becomes contagious.

If you want to be part of our awesome culture, head over to our careers page and send us your resume today! We’re always looking for hard-working, fun-loving people to join our team.

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