COVID-19 Update: A letter from RAWSO President, Dylan Stephens

Source: Dylan Stephens, RAWSO Constructors
This situation is a catalyst for us to get more focused and get better in every area of our business, and I have no doubt we will find ways to Build Better.
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The RAWSO Hiring Process

Source: Carol Groom, RAWSO Constructors
In recent years, RAWSO as a company has grown exponentially. Just a few years ago, we didn’t have much more than a dozen employees, and there wasn’t really any specific hiring practice in place. It was mostly just word of mouth or walk-ins. When things started ramping up a bit more, we would post openings directly on Indeed. That’s the way we went for a while until we got our website, which was the start of developing our hiring process.
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Every construction company knows that there’s a lot of money to be made in utilities, but you need to have the right leadership and management in place to do so. One of the biggest changes RAWSO has made since we first opened for business was overhauling our entire utilities division in 2019.
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