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Why Caterpillar is Crucial to RAWSO’s Success

Source: RAWSO Newsletter - 9.16.2020
Since day one, we’ve trusted Caterpillar and our local dealer, Thompson Machinery, with all our equipment needs. While it makes some nervous about putting all their eggs in one basket when it comes to iron, we’ve only seen enormous advantages.
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Why I Left My Job Abruptly in 2012 and Started RAWSO

Source: RAWSO Newsletter - 8.27.2020
Only ten years ago, RAWSO wasn't more than 20-something Dylan Stephens grading driveways with a skid steer on the weekends. Working in the construction industry on heavy civil projects, Dylan experienced the "business as usual" mentality when it came to training, safety, and project management. Since he didn't know any better, he figured there must be a better way to move dirt and build stuff.
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COVID-19 Update: A letter from RAWSO President, Dylan Stephens

Source: Dylan Stephens, RAWSO Constructors
This situation is a catalyst for us to get more focused and get better in every area of our business, and I have no doubt we will find ways to Build Better.
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