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Our number one goal when hiring is to hire great people first, and then give them all the tools they need to do great work. From software, the latest CAT equipment, tools, trucks, and anything they need to do their best.

We also want to continuously train our people so they can get better EVERYDAY. One of my favorite quotes is, “Yesterday’s home runs won’t win today’s games”- Babe Ruth. I think this sums up everything in life. You can always improve and get better at whatever it is you do. In our industry, that means just because you are running a great operation, it doesn’t mean you can’t get better.

Man walking towards construction machine on excavated site by RAWSO Constructors

We want to help our people see areas where they can improve, and then help them succeed. I feel like for so long construction has been an industry of beating people down, and telling them what they’re doing wrong. This can be done so much better by teaching people, and building them up.

I believe it is human nature for people to want to do a great job. From teachers to bakers, and even people in the construction industry. We want to build on this, and help people in any way we can. To make them better at their jobs. This means investing in them. In doing so, we are investing in the future of our company. By creating a culture where people love coming to work, rather than “working for the weekends”. Everyone is happier, safer, and also more productive.

3 RAWSO employees in a circle at construction site

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