Project Details

The Alta Depot multifamily housing development includes a broad scope of work for RAWSO, including mass earthwork, fine grading, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, and water line. Our first responsibility will be excavating a pond on the north end of the property and using the material to build five building pads.

An interesting challenge of this project is that we plan to have separate crews working on storm, water, and sewer simultaneously. Collaboration and communication will be crucial on this site, as we will need to prioritize what work needs to be done first and ensure everyone has plenty of space to operate.

We also need to be careful with the 500 linear feet of 30” HDPE pipe that borders a residential development next to our job site. This pipe has inverted elevation running 12 feet below existing grade, and due to its proximity to the neighboring property, we’ll need to use a trench box to keep the dirt from caving in on our crew.

By the time we finish our work on the Alta Depot project, we will install more than 3,500 LF of storm drain, 765 LF of roof drain lines, 2,755 LF of sanitary sewer, and 3,760 LF of water pipes. This large project also requires us to excavate about 53,000 CY of material. We were awarded this project in August 2020, and we expect to finish our work in March 2021.


Type of Project

Multi-family Housing Development

Scoped Performance

Mass earthwork, fine grading, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, and water line


August 2020-March 2021