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By: RAWSO Constructors

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There are a lot of construction software solutions available to contractors today. When we set out to find what worked best for us, we looked at many different companies. After a long process, we found HCSS to be the best fit for us.

HCSS software is built for Heavy Civil contractors like us, and is widely used all over the country, from large to small contractors. We picked their Heavy Bid product originally to get a more streamlined estimating program that would allow us to bid more efficiently.

RAWSO employee directing driver of truck at construction site

How this solved our problem

Once we got comfortable with the Heavy Bid program, and started using it effectively we wanted field software to help us “close the loop”. To me, closing the loop means comparing actual job costs from the field to our estimate. To do this we went with HCSS Heavy Job. This software allows our field employees to record their time, daily diaries, daily production, equipment time, and much more. This allows us to actually see real time data from the field on a daily basis.

Before Heavy Job, we never really had or made the time to sit down and review these numbers. This caused us to just keep bidding the same way over and over. Heavy Job solved this problem for us, by giving us real time production data on a daily basis. It also allows everyone on our management team to see what is happening on each project without having to spend as much time doing site visits. We still value being on site, but it allows us to be more effective in the office, and still know what is getting done on each project.

Man operating Caterpillar excavator for RAWSO Constructors

Helping Us Grow

HCSS has helped us grow extremely fast while staying under control. We have grown exponentially over the last few years, and I don’t think the process would have been as easy without great software. We started early adopting software across our company. I think it has made it easier to scale, because when we need to add someone it’s just simply buying a license vs. larger companies having to buy several at a time to get started.

We also implemented HCSS Safety, HCSS Plans, HCSS Forms, and HCSS Telematics along with Heavy Job. All of these systems help our office and field employees stay connected. They also allow us to be completely paperless.

At first we thought some of our field employees would not want to learn the new systems, and that we would have trouble implementing. This was not the case. They all bought in, and now love the new way they track their progress.

RAWSO employee standing on construction machine

Everyone wants to do a good job

I believe everyone wants to do a good job no matter what their title is. People take pride in their work, and they want to know where they stand on whatever project they are working on.

One thing we did with Heavy Job, was to show the production cost per day. Some companies want to hide this information from their employees for whatever reason. I believe that was a key factor in our success in the implementation. All our foremen and superintendents can see how they performed each day, and if they’re not beating the budgeted costs, it helps them make adjustments and get back on track.

Software is changing the way we do our jobs, and it’s not going away. We want to find and implement the best, so we can help our employees do their best.

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