Why We Invest In Marketing, and How It’s Paid Off

By: RAWSO Constructors

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From the very beginning of RAWSO Constructors, we’ve always invested in some sort of marketing. Even when most of our competitors barely even had a web presence, we’ve had a website and some sort of social media page. While our investment in marketing was rather minimal in the early days, over the last year we’ve really stepped up our game when it comes to advertising.

The catalyst for increasing our marketing budget was the fact that we’ve shown a tremendous amount of growth over the last few years. Eventually, we got to the point where our capabilities had outgrown our ability to market ourselves. We have an all-star team of employees, the best equipment, the latest software, and the best estimating. However, we were still getting the stigma that we were too small for certain projects. We just didn’t feel like we were being taken seriously for some of the bigger projects around Tennessee.

We figured out that the main problem was that our marketing firm simply didn’t understand our industry. They might have been able to craft excellent ad campaigns for a jeweler or a restaurant, but they had no idea how to market a construction company. We struggled for so long to get them to take better pictures, and present us in a light that truly reflected who RAWSO is as a company. However, we still always felt like we were fighting an uphill battle to get our message out into the world. That all changed when we hired BuildWitt to handle our marketing.

BuildWitt is a marketing agency that specializes in the construction and mining fields. Because they have experience working with companies like ours, they know how to take awesome photos of our job sites and our people, and they also know how to tell our story. Ever since we hired BuildWitt, we’ve gotten rid of the stigma that we’re too small to do certain jobs. Previously, we had an issue where people wouldn’t even pick up the phone to give us an opportunity to bid on projects. Now, our average size job is probably two to three times the size it was two years ago.

Marketing is so tricky for construction companies because it’s not easy to track the success. For example, if you’re selling a t-shirt, it’s a simple process to track the clicks through a social media post, and see how many of those people ended up making a purchase in your online store. We can’t really do that, because a lot of our jobs are competitively bid, and we can’t track the customer. On the other hand, for us, it just takes one big job to pay off our marketing budget. It’s worth the investment for us, because we don’t have to convert a high quantity of customers.

Regardless of the industry, marketing comes down to one simple ideal. We can talk about how much better we are than the competition all we want, but at the end of the day we have to deliver. It’s so hard to build a reputation in construction, and equally easy to lose it ― all it takes is one subpar experience with a customer to get the bad word-of-mouth flowing. Investing in marketing forces us to be on our “A” game all day, every day. To be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way! We relish every chance we get to prove ourselves to our clients.

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