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Our purpose

At RAWSO, we believe in doing things differently. We don’t take the easy way out, blame others for shortcomings, or shy away from a challenge. We take ownership over ourselves and our work because we believe the sweat and effort we put in day-in and day-out leads to something greater than any individual or a paycheck. We hold ourselves accountable to building a better future for our team, our families, and our community. At RAWSO, We Build Better.


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In any moment of decision, we do what’s right, regardless of what’s best for us. We treat everyone as we’d like them to treat us, build each project right the first time, work safely, and serve our families and communities. Even if doing the right thing hurts our short term (financially, for example), it’ll always benefit us in the long run.


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How we do anything is how we do everything. We’re relentless in learning and our willingness to win. Our success lies in the smallest details, and we take pride in every one of them.


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Every outcome is our responsibility. Nothing is someone else’s fault, and we don’t blame others when things don’t go as we planned. When issues arise, we don’t need someone else to tell us to fix them. We run toward problems and challenges, and we shoot for the best outcome no matter the circumstances.


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We communicate transparently and honestly with our team and our customers. When someone deserves credit for a job well done, we celebrate them. When there’s an issue that we need to discuss with an owner, we accept it as our own and talk it through with them. While difficult conversations are tough at the moment, they always win.


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Leading by example is the only way to lead. Talk is cheap. Everyone within our organization is a leader, no matter their job title. Only expect those you lead to do things you would do yourself first. Want a promotion? Become a better leader. Not only are you a leader within our organization, but you lead your family, your friends, and your community too.


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If we don’t step forward, we’ll always be in the same place. We choose action and growth over complacency because the worst thing we can do is nothing. When tasks arise—no matter how small—we make decisions and keep moving until the job is done. When we make mistakes, we learn from them and keep driving forward.


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We all put our pants on one leg at a time. While ego and the desire to win are crucial, there’s a balance we must maintain. Our success is thanks to our team, those who support us, and our customers, and we aren’t shy about sharing that. Even when we’re winning, we can always improve and learn more.


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We are loyal to our family, team, and customers. We’re loyal to our families because they’re our support system, legacy, and higher purpose. We’re loyal to our team because we can’t accomplish anything significant alone. We’re loyal to our customers because, without them, we’d have nothing to build and no company to serve.
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Our story

While today RAWSO has the muscle to build anything from commercial developments to Tennessee Department of Transportation projects to airport runways, we started out small—just one man, a good wife, and a skid steer.

In 2012, Dylan Stephens was fed up with his construction job. And his wife was fed up with hearing about it. She told him to either stop complaining or do something about it. And that’s when RAWSO was born. Dylan worked for contractors around the Southeast throughout and after college. While each job gave him responsibility over massive projects, he grew tired of the “construction as usual” mentality. As he worked full time, Dylan financed a skid steer and graded driveways on weekends. After he quit his full-time construction job, he forced himself to make the part-time skid steer work into a heavy civil construction company that today is RAWSO Constructors.

RAWSO (a combination of Dylan’s kids’ names Rawley and Sophi) quickly grew into much more than a one-man-show as we started to take on more significant development and public works projects. From the beginning, we’ve heavily invested in the best people, latest project management software, GPS, and equipment to help our people “build better” for our customers.

While production is paramount, RAWSO spends much more time focused on culture and treating people right. It’s not full-bore seven days a week every week here. We take pride in getting our work done M-F, but we also love to spend time with our families. You won’t find any secrets at RAWSO, either. We work hard, build each job right the first time, and take responsibility for all outcomes. It’s that simple.

We’re happy with how far we’ve come, but we’re hungry for a whole lot more. Thanks to our teams in the field and office, we’re continually improving and are incredibly excited about our future. We’d obviously still be going driveway to driveway with a single skid steer if it weren’t for our dedicated team.

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