Why work for RAWSO?


Get the satisfaction of seeing the results of your hard work daily while being part of a team that’s hungry to improve.


The Latest Tech
& Iron

We heavily invest in the best equipment available to give our team the tools they need to Build Better.



While we enjoy our work, we do everything we can to give our team time to enjoy life with their families away from work.
The best thing about RAWSO is the family-like relationships we have with one another. Our crews are more like teams instead of just employees. We help each other out, whether it’s on the job or in the office. We never leave anybody behind. My life changed for the better when I came to RAWSO. I enjoy my job, and I never dread coming to work!
- Brett Baker, Foreman, RAWSO
It’s a close knit company. The communication here is one of my favorite things. Between myself and the superintendents, they’re always able to answer any questions I have. I love having an iPad to help me with planning and scheduling. It’s so much better than calling 30 different people to get one answer. I come from bigger companies where it’s hard to even know who you’re supposed to ask when you have a question. The technology I have access to makes everything so much easier. We also have daily safety meetings, and most other companies just hold them weekly.
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I like learning new things every day. There’s never a dull moment with these guys. They’re just like family. If I ever need some advice or a shoulder to lean on, my boss Micah is like the stepdad I never wanted.
- , , RAWSO
This is a good company to work for. They treat us like family. If we need to take time off for sick kids or anything like that, they’re always understanding. Dylan is very personable. He treats us like individuals, not like numbers. He always shakes your hand and looks you right in the eyes, and he seems to know everyone’s name.
- , , RAWSO
RAWSO is a great group of guys. I get along really well with my foreman. We go out for lunch together at least every other week. Everyone I work with just knows how to get stuff done.
- , , RAWSO
I like working at RAWSO because it hasn’t developed a robotic corporate culture. There’s also an advantage to being part of a growing company. You can latch onto your role without getting stuck in it. If you find yourself wanting to develop skills that take your career in a different direction, that’s usually looked upon as a positive. They don’t hold anybody back, which is always important.
- Kyle Hogue, Estimator, RAWSO
Here at RAWSO, Dylan has created a very successful company that is rapidly growing. Doing the correct and honest thing is very important to me, and I have never been advised to cut corners here, no matter how expensive or challenging the task at hand is.
- Mark Maxwell, Project Manager, RAWSO
We have a lot of young people at RAWSO, and they are trusted with important roles. RAWSO is focused on growth, change, and new technology. We won’t settle for stagnancy, or for just doing things the way they’ve always been done.
- Brady Watson, Accounting Manager, RAWSO
It is such a blessing to be part of the RAWSO team. No one is afraid to help out or answer questions if a situation arises. We value our team members equally, no matter what position they hold. We take much pride in our work, whether on a jobsite or in the office.
- Carol Groom, Office Manager, RAWSO
RAWSO Constructors is a great company to work for. We focus heavily on training and being safety-minded. RAWSO Constructors approaches each job we build with this same mentality — build it better today than we did yesterday, in order to provide our customers and clients a great completed project.
- David Moody, Estimator/Project Manager, RAWSO
RAWSO really cares about their employees, and not just how much money they are making. They believe that family should always come first, and that the company as a whole should feel like a family. They also believe that it takes contributions from everyone in order to complete jobs effectively instead of just relying on a few individuals.
- Heath Sain, Project Manager, RAWSO
There are several things that set RAWSO apart from other companies. First and foremost, it’s the company’s support for employees’ work-life balance. RAWSO invests a lot in their employees through training opportunities and acts of appreciation, like special lunches and celebrations.
- Tony Strong, Foreman, RAWSO
The ownership and management at RAWSO want to take care of you as much as they can. They have all the nicest, newest equipment. They pay attention to the little things too, like having heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer. There are good people here. I enjoy the atmosphere.
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Competitive pay for all positions.


Company Retirement Plans offered for all employees.


Paid vacations and work all year round.


We offer continuous training opportunities for all employees.

Health & Wellness

Medical, dental, and vision coverage offered for employees.


Company trucks and iPads for all field management. The latest Cat iron for operators.

RAWSO Career Paths


Unskilled Laborer $12 - $15 per hour
Skilled Laborer $14 - $18 per hour
Heavy Equipment Operator $17 - $25 per hour
Grading Foreman $1,100 - $1,700 per week
Utility Foreman $1,100 - $1,700 per week

Open Positions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you hiring? +

We're always willing to take a look at your application or resume to see if there's a position available for you.

Is experience required? +

We prefer foreman and equipment operator applicants to have at least five years experience, utility crew applicants a minimum of one year, and laborers a desire to work hard.

**More than experience–if you have a positive attitude, willingness to learn, and a drive to improve everyday, we would love for you to join our team!

What are the possibilities for advancement? +

If you’re a hard worker, have enthusiasm, and desire for RAWSO to succeed and grow, your chances are high. We strive to promote from within the company.