Starting Out With A Skid Steer

In 2012, Dylan Stephens was fed up with his construction job, and his wife was fed up with hearing about it. She told him to either stop complaining or do something about it—and that’s when RAWSO was born. Dylan had worked for contractors around the Southeast all during college. While each job gave him responsibility for massive projects, he was tired of the “construction as usual” mentality.

After college he continued to work in construction full time, financing a skid steer so he could grade driveways on weekends. After his wife challenged him to quit his full-time construction job, he did just that. At that point, Dylan threw his whole weight into growing his part-time skid steer work into the heavy civil construction company that is the RAWSO of today.

Inspired To Do Better

RAWSO (a combination of Dylan’s kids’ names Rawley and Sophi) quickly grew as we started to take on more significant development and public works projects. From the beginning, we’ve heavily invested in the best people, latest project management software, GPS, and equipment to help our people build better for our customers.

While production is paramount, RAWSO spends an enormous amount of time focused on culture and treating people right. It’s not full-bore from dusk until dawn every day of the year for our crews here at RAWSO. We take pride in getting our work done punctually and within budget, but we also love to spend time with our families. You won’t find any hidden agenda at RAWSO, either. We are honest, we work hard, we build each job right the first time, and we take responsibility for all outcomes. It’s that simple.

We’re happy with how far we’ve come, but we’re hungry for a whole lot more. Thanks to our teams in the field and office, we’re continually improving and are incredibly excited about our future. We’d still be going driveway to driveway with a single skid steer if it weren’t for our dedicated team that makes RAWSO a reality.