Our Safety Approach

Safety is our top priority at RAWSO. It’s prioritized at every level of our business, every day. Our company safety manager ensures that all our employees go through an extensive safety program, and monitors all live project sites to verify that they are adhering to our safety standards. We conduct thorough safety audits at each site, utilize the HCSS Safety monitoring app, and start every day with safety meetings.

Our goal is to give every employee a voice when it comes to safety on the job. Everyone at RAWSO, and each contractor, has access to the HCSS Safety app, where they can make safety observations—positive or negative. Once an observation is submitted, our safety director immediately receives a notification so they can address the situation in real-time. We constantly seek ways to improve safety and empower every person at RAWSO to protect themselves, their team, and their work environment.

Daily Meetings

Daily safety meetings are a habit for all our crews, and they’re always documented online for review.

We're All Responsible

We teach our people to call one another out if they notice unsafe work — regardless of where they stand in the company.

Safety Certifications

Employees who complete OSHA 30 training on their own time automatically receive a $500 bonus.

Executive Oversight

Our executives have immediate online access to every safety document from the field, so there’s no lack of communication.

HCSS Safety

All RAWSO foremen rely on HCSS safety software to document meetings, JHAs, and potentially hazardous situations
Our most important goal is to ensure everyone at RAWSO and anyone we partner with gets home safely to their families. Our approach is grounded in empowering the entire team to take personal ownership for the well-being of themselves and those around them.
Colton Richardson, Safety Director

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