Project Details

RAWSO performed all earthwork for this new assisted-living center in Nashville’s Bellevue neighborhood, and we also handled a significant utilities installation. The 320,000 CY of excavation on this project included extensive on-site cuts and fills, but that was just the beginning of our involvement on this complex project.

We also installed 2,500 feet of storm drainage ranging from 12” to 48” RCP, 1,500 feet of retaining walls reaching up to 17 feet high, and 600 feet of 8” sewer line. In addition, we built two large bioretention ponds, a 50’x100’ underground detention system, and a water quality unit reaching 17 feet deep. We even widened the roadway to accommodate a new turning lane onto the property. Complicating all of those tasks was the fact that we found a large quantity of rock in the soil, making it difficult to install utilities.

When you consider that we did all of this work on a tight job site where we had to work around several other subcontractors, you can imagine how tricky several different aspects of this project really were. Thankfully, Brad McBride did an incredible job as the supervisor on this job, as he kept everything moving smoothly at all times. Keith Myers was also a vital part of our success, as he coordinated the complicated utilities install.


Type of Project

Residential, Senior Housing

Scoped Performance

Excavation, storm drainage, earthwork, utilities, and bioretention ponds