Project Details

This project in Murfreesboro required us to construct a new ¼-mile roadway in the middle of a field, connecting two existing roads. Sounds simple enough, right? Not quite! The challenge on this job was the fact that a large high-pressure gas line ran perpendicular to the proposed road, so we had to build the road around each side of that gas line.

The road itself wasn’t our only responsibility — we also performed 32,000 CY of roadway drainage excavation, and installed 1,300 feet of 18” RCP, 1,400 feet of 8” reclaimed water line, and 400 feet of 8” DIP water main line. Clearly, this project was more than just a simple roadway construction job.

Another major challenge on this job was the fact that we had to wait around 8-10 weeks for the gas company to confirm our plans. Even though we lost over two months, we still finished this job 90 days ahead of schedule. We couldn’t have done it without the contributions of Brett Baker, who did an incredible job coordinating with the city inspectors.

Type of Project


Scoped Performance

Excavation, drainage, water main, grading and paving