Project Details

Our work at the Shelbyville Airport revolved around establishing a new runway safety area (RSA), running 200 feet in each direction from the runway’s center line. In order to accomplish this, we needed to blast 30,000 yards of rock in just two weeks, and perform 125,000 CY of total excavation.

The runway was a reclamation job, so everything was milled out of the asphalt was then reused as part of the stone base. We also graded 58 acres of land, installed 300 feet of 36” RCP and 100 feet of storm drain, and put in three catch basin structures.

We had two foremen and 15 workers on this job at all times, and managed to move an average of 5,000 yards per day. All told, we completed the entire job in just 90 days, starting in May 2019 and finishing in early August. Dylan McBride’s amazing operator skills were on full display on this job — he did such great work on the trackhoe that he earned a promotion to foreman!


Type of Project

Transportation, Rehabilitation

Scoped Performance

Excavating, blasting, land clearing, grading, and storm drain


May 2019 - August 2019