Project Details

The city of Murfreesboro awarded RAWSO Constructors the Mass Grading & Utility package for Southwest Elementary School. The project was started in June 2018, and planned to open for school in August of 2019. In order to achieve this timeline they awarded RAWSO the mass grading & utility package ahead of the building trades.

Phase I – Building Pad Undercut and Backfill

Phase 1 was kept on schedule by excavating the building pads with multiple excavators, and simultaneously importing surge rock to backfill the pads. We were also able to get a head start on phase 2 by having additional crews on site to start laying the storm drainage. Phase 1 was completed early.

Phase II – Complete Site Grading and Install Storm and Sanitary Sewer System

We were able to not only stay on schedule and hit critical dates, but we turned over about ⅔ of the project to the city during phase 1 in order to allow the building contractor to use the site and also fast track their schedule.

Even with the strict schedule and weather delays we are proud to have completed our portion of the overall project ahead of schedule to help keep the school opening on time in the following year.

Type of Project


Scoped Performance

Mass Grading Package including: clearing, mass grading, sinkhole remediation, rock excavation, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage.


June 2018 - October 2018